Why You Should Avoid Conventional Coffee and Switch to Organic Coffee

For most of us, it takes a cup of joe to start off the morning. Most of us spend at least $2-3 for coffee on outside cafes due to time constraints or heat up the old coffee from yesterday for another use. A cup from Starbucks is all it takes to jump start our day.

While most people prefer coffee from famous coffee shops like Starbucks, there are those that prefer to have a healthier alternative when it comes to coffee. Organic coffee is the to-go option if you want a healthier option for coffee. Organic coffee is where the coffee beans are produced without using any form of chemicals. It retained most of its original nutrients, making it a little bit healthier than conventional coffee.

Let’s look at the scenes behind our cup of joe. Did you know that there are certain effects of conventional coffee to our surroundings? Most conventional coffees tend to mix in chemicals which may have an effect on our health.  It may not directly affect us but it affects other things like the environment and farmers.

So why should you go organic?

The Environment Is Being Destroyed

Are you aware that conventional coffee ruins our environment? Because conventional coffee uses pesticides and other chemicals, those chemicals have an effect on the soil. Other farmers are also cutting down trees for sun-grown coffee beans. The chemicals will have an effect on the land, which causes potential problems in the future. These may usually cause erosion which will lead to landslides.

In the case of organic coffee, farmers do not use any kind of chemical to improve the growth of coffee beans. They are naturally grown using natural fertilizers. Since there are no chemicals affecting the quality of coffee, it will retain most of its nutrients, unlike conventional coffee. It provides a healthier option to those who are health conscious. With organic coffee, they can enjoy their usual cup of joe without having to worry about the effects of the chemicals used in coffee. Hence, why organic coffee is the best option if you want to have a healthier dose of coffee every morning.

Farmers Are Being Exploited

Did you know that coffee farmers suffer the most when it comes to coffee production? This is because conventional coffee farmers tend to go through slavery under giant companies that sell coffee. Working conditions such as wage theft, child labor, underpriced products and unsafe use of chemicals are some of the common things you can hear from these farmers.

Whereas for organic coffee farmers, they do not have these kinds of problems. Those conditions mentioned above are not found to organic farmers. They follow strict regulations when it comes to quality, environment and marketing standards to ensure that they will be selling the best quality of the organic coffee. They make sure that farmers have the correct wage and growth without compromising the quality of the coffee.

So if you want to support the real heroes behind your cup of coffee, support the farmers who go organic.

Grab your daily dose of organic coffee today!