The Best Restaurants in the World: Top 10 for 2016

When it comes to the ultimate restaurants out there, the best restaurants are carefully voted on and are explored a little bit at a time to make sure that the ultimate in quality as well as in excellence is maintained at all times for customers and for those who come to the establishments. The quality of these best restaurants is evaluated based on the quality of the food, the price per person, the wine selection and the seniority of the chefs who run the establishments. There are many people who are a part of the behind the scenes processes who make these best restaurants truly magical for all who come here.

The Best Restaurants in the World

  1. El Celler de Can Roca, this is an incredible restaurant that is at the top of the list with an excellent chef in Girona, Spain.
  2. Osteria Francescana, this is an Italian-French restaurant with a chef who has a flare for the dramatic and blends the French and Italian styles for a one of a kind experience.
  3. Noma, this is an excellent restaurant in Copenhagen that is designed to allow customers to have a once in a lifetime experience and to enjoy amazing food. Go for online order use FoodPanda coupons and redeem your discount.
  4. Central, in Lima Peru, is a great location to allow you to enjoy a great Peruvian meal as well as some of the best service in the world.
  5. Eleven Madison Park, This is a classic, elegant New York style restaurant that will allow you to enjoy the culture, the name and the experience.
  6. Mugaritz: This is an incredible restaurant in Spain that will allow you to enjoy everything about the experience with Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz at the helm.
  7. Dinner, the name says it all, and this is one of the best locations for allowing you to enjoy an incredible meal.
  8. Narisawa, this is an incredible location that has wonderful food and some of the best sushi you can get in Tokyo.
  9. O.M. in Sao Paolo Brazil is another one of those locations that will allow you to enjoy all of the best tastes in steak and other fare from around the world.
  10. Gaggan in Bangkok is a wonderful experience that will transport you into another world in the heart of the city.

These are the best restaurants in the world that will allow you to enjoy everything about the experiences and know that you are going to have an amazing time from the style, the service, and the experience. The restaurants are known for their ambience, their amazing staff and their concepts and have been heavily reviewed by people from all over the world to create one of the most comprehensive lists of excellence in dining. When these restaurants make their way onto the list of best restaurants, they fight for the distinction to stay there as there is always another new location that is opening and is seeking to top the list in the coming days.