The Basics on Fruit Juice Concentrates and their Benefits for Any Business

Fruit juice is not the same as fruit juice concentrate – in fact, there are many advantages for a business to be gained by acquiring the concentrate rather than the fruit juice itself, for many reasons. Fruit juice is great, but there are some serious drawbacks if you use the ingredient a lot in your product; and they all end up costing the business more than necessary. Frozen concentrates are used in many types of businesses, simply because they are a safer and more economical means compared to the alternatives. Ever wonder what’s so great about it? Here are the basics on fruit juice concentrates and their benefits for any business.

It started due to World War II

The Second World War brought on a lot of tragedy, but also a lot of innovations; one of them was the ability to store fruits and fruit juice for a long time without it compromising its essence and quality. It soon became a staple in many households simply because the packaged fruit and fruit juices were easy to store (long shelf life) and very economical.

The concentration process

The concentration process is easy to understand and quite straightforward. When fruit is harvested, it goes through a juice extraction process; this is usually done by mechanical peeling, seed removal and, where applicable, core removal. The meat of the fruit gets pressed to extract the juice in the first stage; in further stages the juice gets filtered, and in the final stages the juice undergoes heat treatment which kills all the bacteria and extracts a large percentage of the water. The final product allows the juice to become more potent due to reverse osmosis – at which stage it is packed and frozen.

Lesser volume, greater impact

This is a big deal – the lesser volume means less storage space is required, and also means there are less costs in transportation and storage. Since the process is very economical and yet contains 100% of the fruit essence, the concentrate gives greater impact with fewer costs.

Some advantages

Here are just some of the advantages:

  • The right concentration of juice can be chosen depending on the recipe, meaning it takes less cooking time and less cooking expense
  • Every batch is consistent, meaning there are consistent outcomes in recipes
  • Easy storage and less costs for transportation.

In the above discussion, we have explored the benefits of fruit juice concentrates but it has its own series of disadvantages too. The juice concentrates are known for having few nutrients. It could aggravate certain health issues like acidity and blood sugar. Therefore, the consumers are advised to be careful before using these juice concentrates.

The beauty of the fruit juice concentrate, especially from reputable fruit juice manufacturers, is that it reduces the fruit juice to its essence. Multiple recipes are enhanced, cooking or preparation times are shorter, and in the end, the quality can be kept to the highest standards. A technology that evolved due to the war continues to benefit millions of people and enterprises every day.