Stay Calm from Inside and Beat the Burning Summer Heat with Cool Foods

Summer means chilled bears, night long pool parties and some delicious frozen desserts. But all these elements drag down the mercury level when outside the body, once inside, these act as body warmers making you feel super hot and uncanny. There are two types of food one is “cooling food” and another one is “warming food”. According to Kerry Bajaj, the certified health coach of Eleven Wellness Center in the City of New York, the foods with cooling effect flush away the toxins and heat accumulated in the body and on the contrary foods with warming effect boost up circulation in the body and enhance energy.

Here comes a comprehensive list of some of the coolest members of the food clan who can effortlessly show thumbs down to the glaring heat of the melting summer:

Sail the heat away from you with salads

Staying hydrated is the key mantra of staying cool during summer. The afternoon sun, burning at the top of your head soaks all your body water mercilessly. You cannot avoid Sun as it may even poke through your umbrellas and branded sunglasses, so the shield for your body is nothing other than salads. Green salads do not fight directly with the sun in dehydration game but silently rejuvenates your body with enough portion water which is been evaporated by the biggest body in the galaxy, the sun. It is reported that green leaves of lettuce o or juicy body of cucumber contains 95% of water, which floods the body with enough refreshing body fluid.


Say ‘yes’ to water with red juicy water melon

If green is not your color, and you believe in red passion, then you can fill your body with enough proportion of water through a watery bite of brilliantly red water melon. Recent studies have shown that, watermelon not only rehydrates the body, but also supplies your body with crucial antioxidants which wash off the toxin debris accumulated in the body. Tanya Zuckerbrot, registered dietitian in New York City and the creator of The F-Factor Diet concluded that water melon infused with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Lycopene, an antioxidant, safeguards one from tremendous heat and helps to regain the drained out electrolytes from the body and as such this red juicy fruit is just ideal to stay cool from inside.

red juicy water melon

Stay peppy cool with hot peppers

Zuckerbort clearly stated that hot foods and spices is an ideal option to thrash the effect of heat as while eating something spicy you will naturally sweat and thus can survive high temperature. Now here one must apply basic physics, sweating is streamlined with evaporation of sweat and sweat evaporation drags the body heat along with it. While munching hot peppers with Dominos coupon codes you may feel hot like a maniac, you might feel heat coming out of the ears but after a while the cooling phenomenon will start and you can feel the soothing experience of staying calm from inside.

Stay peppy cool with hot peppers

Few leaves minus the body heat

Menthol and its cooling strategy are known to all, starting from shampoos to talcum powder the cooling effect of menthol is used in a variety of cosmetic products. Apart from menthol, fresh mint leaves also provides hands on super cool effect immediately on consumption. Moreover, these leaves fetched straight from the lap of nature have zero calories, come with a relaxing aroma and are rich in essential oils.

If your kitchen is running out of all these veggies or fruits mentioned above then try some caffeinated beverages using McDonalds coupon as reports from Institute of Medicine claim that caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea, inspite of the alarming presence of caffeine, can maintain your body temperature by keeping you hydrated through providing uninterrupted water supply in the body.