A Tea Lover’s Dream Come True

Just writing about it reminds me of the delicious tasty, awesome smelling, and healthy tea selections they have. Hold on a sec while I seep one for myself then continue writing!

A tea lover’s dreams come true

Blendbee was started around 4 years ago by a health-crazed tea lover, Jamah Dacus. She had been creating her own delicious tea blends for years before this new venture. By starting BlendBee, she let everyone into her world of personalized blends. She’s created a channel by which anyone can be part of this awesome experience. On her website, people can mix and blend flavors, and create a perfect mix of tea that’s just unique as their personal taste and palate.

Monthly tea club

Having been a tea lover for as long as I can remember, I think I finally found my true love in the tea of the month club by Blendbee. I’ve been a member of the Tea of the Month Club by Blendbee for about 5 months now, so I can boast honestly and wholeheartedly about them. They send me two handcrafted bags of tea at the beginning of each month. These are loose-leaf tea blends in resealable bags, so I can enjoy them at my own pace. I sometimes make ice tea, but more often it’s a warm mug of tea, depending on my mood and the weather.

As a member I can instruct the tea makers about any preferences I have (ie caffeinated, decaffeinated or both). Both 60 cup (3 oz.) and 30 cup (1.5 oz.) subscriptions are available to choose from, depending on how much tea you drink every month. The packages come with a list of benefits the blend has (as we all know, tea has A TON of benefits!), simple instructions on how to steep the tea properly and a detailed list of all the ingredients.

Oh and one other really neat thing – the monthly tea club members get access to teas that aren’t even available on the website yet. You get to try brand new teas before anyone else!

Blend your own

There’s also a “Make Your Own” section on the site where you can come up with your very own blend of tea. There are many delicious and healthy options of organic teas that BlendBee offers – caffeinated (green, white and black teas) and decaffeinated (rooibos and herbal blends). Then you can play around with over 100 ingredients like spices, herbs, roots, extracts, seeds and even flowers that I can add to the tea so as to make my own special blend.

I mix and match depending on my mood and creativity. I sometimes get quite adventurous and experiment with really unique flavors and add-ons (stuff like apricot, caramel, and mango). What’s amazing is I don’t have to stick to just one type or flavor — I can try out new blends whenever I want.

What more does a tea lover want but to turn into a connoisseur? BlendBee helps you achieve that 🙂